Sculpture Garden

In 1976, Allan Houser and his family acquired a 50-acre parcel of land in southern Santa Fe County populated with juniper and chamisa--and extensive views in all directions. In the years following he built a group of studios and created an expansive outdoor garden to share his sculptural works with collectors, museum groups, and visitors from across the world.  The Sculpture Gardens remain a principle sales venue, displaying over 80 monumental works—both representational and abstract. An indoor gallery exhibits hundreds of drawings, paintings, and smaller sculptures and is included in guided tours offered weekdays throughout the year.  The Allan Houser Sculpture Gardens are open by appointment only; please call (505) 471-1528 to schedule tours or events.



125 Lincoln Avenue, Suite 112

Santa Fe, NM 87501

Sculpture Garden:

26 Haozous Rd

Santa Fe, NM 87508