Treasures of the Archives

Treasures of the Archives, located at Haozous Place in Santa Fe County, is a collection of over 3000 works. It encompasses Houser's entire oeuvre, from the drawings and paintings he made while a student at the Santa Fe Indian School, to the award-winning works he created throughout the rest of his career. The Allan Houser Foundation is heading up a project to renovate, expand, and open up Treasures of the Archives to visitors of the Allan Houser Sculpture Park and Gallery at Haozous Place. Currently, it's an excellent resource for scholars, and a principal repository for objects loaned to museum shows and exhibits world-wide. Treasures of the Archives is where you’ll discover the wealth and breadth of the monumental talent of Allan Houser.. The selections of sculptures, drawings, and paintings which follow are not exhaustive, nor do they represent our current sales inventory. Please see the Available Artwork link if interested in acquiring a Houser treasure of your own.



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